LessonsLea teaching

  • Before we start

The first lesson runs for 45 minutes and starts with gaining an understanding about what it is you want to achieve. 15 minutes or so will be spent on talking together to understand your needs and how I can help you, then the vocal lesson. Subsequent lessons are normally either 30 minutes or 45 minutes, and most students come either weekly or fortnightly.

Lessons are packed full of practical advice, information and demonstrations, to help you achieve your goals. All vocal styles covered.

  • Individual lessons
$50 for 30 minutes, or $60 for 45 minutes and $70 for 60 minutes.

I would prefer that individual lessons are purchased in blocks of 5 or 6 lessons. Times and days can be swapped if that becomes necessary.

  • Group lessons
    2 students at the same time, $50 each for 60 minutes

"The vocal lesson with Lea was so worthwhile.She was kind and encouraging and she was able to pinpoint issues with my vocal technique and demonstrate small corrections I could make. This resulted in an immediate improvement in my singing. I went away from the session with renewed confidence." Megan Small.

"I'm blown away with the improvement I have noticed in my singing since starting lessons with Lea.  She is a talented teacher who presents you with a range of techniques - visual, auditory and kinaesthetic- to ensure you understand how to address a problem.  Even I can tell that my tuning, breath support and overall performance has improved.  All this and it's fun too!" Karen Wolfe

Lea teachingSkype Lessons

Those who cannot make vocal lessons in person can opt for a Skype lesson. Skype lessons  are not as effective as lessons in person, but still provide a good learning experience.