Choirs Vocal Program launched!

Back in June 2022 I asked the question, "Can choir members be trained online?" My chorus normally provides face-to-face training over 6 weeks to new members wanting to join us. But it means those teaching are missing in action from a portion of weekly rehearsals.

Covid lockdowns gave me a chance to revamp our training program (it was well overdue for that) and put it all online.

I stripped out the unnecessary stuff and just included the skills new members need to pass the audition for my chorus and also set them up with good solid foundational vocal skills.

'Choirs Voice Program' is now complete, phew! I'm ever grateful to those who tested the course for me and gave me such valuable feedback. Much rework was done as a result of that feedback.

Two groups of prospective members from my own chorus have now gone through the program and the results are good! Combined with in-person coaching at weekly rehearsals the course is proving very useful.

The following modules are included:

  • How to learn new music

  • Alignment and breathing

  • Planned and personal breaths

  • Onsets and scooping

  • Resonance

  • Tuning

  • Legato singing

  • Visual performance

If you want to check out the course and modules, follow this link to the preview site.

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