Welcome to 'Raise Your Voice'!

Learn skills to develop a freely produced, in tune, naturally resonant singing or speaking voice. Whether you sing classical,  contemporary or rock. Lessons are packed full of practical help and information on:

  • Breathing and alignment
  • Articulation
  • Resonance
  • Harmonies
  • Tuning
  • Projection
  • Selling the message to your audience with appropriate body language and facial expressions
  • Confidence building

About Lea

Lea Baker has been singing all her life and started teaching singing and vocal skills more than 20 years ago.  Growing up in a musical family where harmony singing was common, Lea become passionate about singing and the voice.  She is the Musical Director and Voice coach for the multi award winning Endeavour Harmony Chorus and regularly travels to the US to attend vocal coaching schools, education seminars and competitions.

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Vocal tip of the week

Remove any tongue tension when you sing. We want relaxed tongue.

Exercise: Poke your tongue out over your bottom lip and sing "yah yah yah" going from low to high. If your tongue wants to pull back in, you have a little bit of tongue tension. Relax and let it say out.