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Lea Baker (she / her) is a voice pedagogue, founder and director of ‘Raise Your Voice.’ With more than 20 years of experience learning about and teaching voice, Lea has an insatiable curiosity about all things vocal and in 2021 she graduated from NIDA with a Master of Fine Arts in Voice. Helping her students free up their voices for effortless and beautiful speech or singing is her passion. "I use a holistic approach to voice teaching and during my studies at NIDA learned the value of voice training for stage actors and how these techniques are extremely useful for singers". With a firm grounding in the science and physiology of the voice, Lea helps students discover their natural, organic and instinctive voice use. Lea is a proud member of the National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS), Australian National Association of Teachers of Singing (ANATS), Australian Society of Music Educators (ASME) and Sweet Adelines International (SAI).
Lea is also an accomplished Musical Director and singer. She founded the Endeavour Harmony Chorus, one of Australia's premier female vocal ensembles. They've performed at the Opera House, won many awards and provided backing vocals on the original ‘Happy Feet’ movie. Learn more about the chorus here.

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Using voice techniques taught to stage and screen actors, I provide specific guidance to help my students excel. Whether you're a beginner or seasoned performer, I will help you find your voice, deal with a vocal issue or get past performance nerves. Get in touch today to find out more or book your lesson today.

Hello there!  What I offer....

Success in learning depends on finding the right Instructor; someone who knows the subject well and understands how you learn. My teaching style is practical, holistic, non-gimmicky, and based on science. Students learn how to sing or speak optimally. Clear specific language and examples are used, leading students on a self-discovery journey.  Everyone has a voice. My job is to help you release its full potential.

Here are the four philosophies I follow:

  • Trying harder will almost always lead to a deterioration in vocal improvement. It’s finding the ease in vocal use that is the key. Less is often more.

  • The most freely produced and authentic singing or speaking comes from your natural, organic and instinctive voice. Often it's noticing and releasing unhelpful vocal habits & muscle tension to find that voice. 

  • I believe learning is about self-exploration and discovery, with guidance from your voice coach. Doing what the teacher asks to gain their approval isn’t learning.

  • Training at NIDA opened up a whole new world. Using acting voice training helps singers to feel and sense their voice, rather than just hear it - to be an embodied performer.

Why choose me?

  • I help the student discover for themselves with guidance and targeted techniques.

  • I take the time to understand the mindset of the student towards their voice and address this in my coaching.

  • I teach holistically – I teach the whole person, not just their voice.

  • Students get clear explanations of the ‘why’ when to comes to voice usage.

  • My Teaching is underpinned by a good understanding of the science and physiology of the voice.

  • Finding the unhelpful habits or traits of the student and helping them rewire these.

  • Experiential learning is key, helping students to discover for themselves, no “pleasing the teacher”.

  • Learning is layered. What each particular student needs at this particular time. I don’t clutter them up with lots of ‘nice to know’ stuff - it's not about how much I know, it's about what the student needs to be a better singer or performer.

  • Voice lessons are either online or in person (Covid safe).


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"The vocal lesson with Lea was so worthwhile.She was kind and encouraging and she was able to pinpoint issues with my vocal technique and demonstrate small corrections I could make. This resulted in an immediate improvement in my singing. I went away from the session with renewed confidence."

Megan Small

"I'm blown away with the improvement I have noticed in my singing since starting lessons with Lea.  She is a talented teacher who presents you with a range of techniques - visual, auditory and kinaesthetic- to ensure you understand how to address a problem.  Even I can tell that my tuning, breath support and overall performance has improved.  All this and it's fun too!"

Karen Wolfe

"Lea is an excellent teacher because of her infectious joy of learning and her approachable humility. It really is a delight to learn from her."

Henrietta Farr

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